Live Healthy Relax

The vision of Live Healthy Relax is to build a community that delivers inspiration to everyone about living an active, balanced life, teaching benefits of exercise and eating healthy and giving tips to relax and reduce stress.  Positivity is a way of life.  The goal is to help you be happy and find balance in your life and reduce stress. 

About Danielle

The key to living a happy, stress free life is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle full of well-balanced nutrition, active living, relaxation and positive thinking.   Danielle created Live Healthy Relax as a guide to eat healthy, stay active and reduce stress.  Danielle received her BA in Psychology after studying in Australia.  Her main focus was organizational and health psychology, where she learned the significance of stress on all major health problems.  After moving from Australia back to her home town in California, Danielle is currently creating a stress management manual to help others reduce and manage stress as well as creating a lifestyle that will enhance well-being.