Stress Relief Techniques

by Danielle Lauren

Everyone in some point in their lives experience some form of stress.  There isn't one way to reduce stress, there are many.  Everyone is different and therefore everyone reduces stress in their own way.  These are the top 10 stress relief techniques I have found to be most useful. Try them and see what works best for you. 

1.  Get a good and restful night sleep

2. Get a massage; there are pressure points that help relieve stress

3.  Watch a comedy and laugh

4.  Take a warm bath with candles and calming music


5.  Talk with friends

6.  Write in a journal the reasons you are upset and try to work through them

7.  Take a walk or exercise

8.  Make a healthy meal, nourishing your body will make you feel good.


9.  Meditate - sit in a quiet and relaxing place and clear your mind

10.  Do something creative like art or a hobby you love - this will take your mind off of the situation.